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Open sourcing Comm(ent|it)

27 Oct 2015

Today, I am open sourcing Comm(ent|it). If you did not read my post when I set it up a month ago, it is a service for Github Pages which uses the Github API and Jekyll to help you store visitors comments directly in your repository.

In the current state of the application, it is not really meant to be installed and used in production on any server, as many things in the code are still very specific to the instance runned on commentit.io. Still, if you want to do this, it can be done without to much work. I guess the final goal is to make this a lot easier, to get the possibility to have a distributed, self-hosted, customizable service to manage your comments in Github Pages.

For potential ameliorations to be shared, it is released under the AGPL license. You can find the code on Github, fork it, install a development version in minutes, and start sending pull requests !


petty on 27 Oct 2015



iamcco on 10 Nov 2015



royaso on 13 Nov 2015



guilro on 25 Nov 2015



SilentComics on 16 Feb 2016

Thank you — it looks like a promising alternative to Disqus for Jekyll / GitHub pages blogs. Easy to setup too. Well done!


foobar on 15 Aug 2016

great work


PankajRedekar on 07 Feb 2017

video tutorial
how to setup comm(ent|it).io ?


tvvocold on 07 Aug 2017

Thank you for the great work!


CrazyWr on 14 Sep 2017

that's a cool thing