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26 May 2016

Yes, this is my first post in 2016. I do not write that often here, because most of the projects I work on go far beyond the (current) scope of this blog. Often those projects involve code in one part or another. Sometimes they only involve code. This one is one of those.

Lastcomm.it is a very simple tool inspired by some work I had to do when I was working at @etalab. I had to do something to quickly see the last commit date of a series of GitLab repositories were we stored data. This data had to be updated from time to time by running a few scripts, but it is not worth the effort of implementing automation.

I just adapted the project to GitHub, made possible to create your own list from the interface and to give it a public, read-only URL, and here it is: https://lastcomm.it. As always, you can find the code on GitHub.

Future plans include displaying badges present in README.md files (such as travis-ci, code coverage, etc.) under the name of each repo.


guilro on 16 Oct 2017