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I am a French self-taught developer, mostly interested at the moment in web development. I started with HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP when I was 13, thanks to the french website siteduzero.com (it did not get better in quality), and some horrible Javascript tutorials.

I learned to use Symfony in 2012, and decided to give a try to node.js in October 2013 because of socket.io. I fell in love and rediscovered Javascript again.

Between the first years of secondary school and my master degree, I also became a user of GNU/Linux, learned a bit of C, with GLib and GTK+, and even gave a try to Vala during a few months - which I like a lot but is almost useless outside from the Gnome platform. I also used Drupal and its API for smaller projects.

While I was a student, I contributed to several projects, and helped non-profit organizations.

I got in 2015 a master degree in economics, from ENS Cachan and Panthéon-Sorbonne University in France. I worked on international economics, game theory and experimental economics. I spent year 2013-2014 at Humboldt University in Berlin, where among other things, I had the opportunity to work on fields mixing economics and computer science. For my last year of studies, I followed the EPOG program in Paris, where I studied innovation and collaborative work in the open source field.

Oh, and Free Software means something to me.